April 12 Restaurant Report: Dirty gloves & dirty equipment

In this Restaurant Report, violations range from dirty gloves to dirty equipment.

Our first stop was at China Kitchen, 9157 Atlee Road in Hanover. It had 5 critical violations on its health inspection. The report says an employee touched raw shrimp with gloved hands, then dipped their gloved hands into water and continued cooking food and touching equipment handles with dirty gloves. New gloves must be donned after touching raw meat. Management declined to comment for our report, but violations were corrected during the inspection and the restaurant had a perfect score on its previous inspection.

Soiled cutting boards and a food processor were among the issues during a health inspection of Bogart's, 443 North Ridge Road in Henrico. It had 6 total critical violations. But everything was spic and span for a clean score on the follow-up inspection a week later. We left a message for the manager, but didn't hear back.

You can check out the health inspections of your favorite restaurants through a link on this page that will take you to the Virginia Health Department's website.