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Mayfair Mews residents displaced after jet crash

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (WWBT) - The F-18 jet crash displaced at least a dozen people.

Residents at Mayfair Mews apartment are all 55 years old and up.

Many of them met with the American Red Cross at Birdneck Elementary School.

They are just happy to be alive. The seconds leading up to the crash keeps replaying over and over again in Jeff Swoopes mind.

"I'm glad nobody died... I thought about the lady that walked passed me with her mail she was right in front of the car when I left I said, 'Oh my God, I hope she made it somewhere,' but I heard she made it... was so glad," said Swoope.

He's lived at the Mayfair Mews for 12 years and on this day he had just gotten in his car and was backing out of the parking lot.

"I backed out of the back and I was talking to a friend on the phone, and I looked up to the left and I saw the plane coming over the top of the roof," said Swoope.

Swoope was just steps away from the point of impact:

"It was completely loud and the smoke was all over smoke everywhere," he said.

Nearby, Charles Bisbee Senior and his wheelchair bound son was scrambling to get to safety.

"When I turned around I looked out and something exploded and the flames come right at me I grabbed his wheel chair and got outta there I left my cell phone on the kitchen table we don't know if our apt alright or not," said Bisbee Senior, when we come out the pilot was laying on the ground there, and he had the parachute on."

In the morning, Jeff, Charles and others like them who were directly impacted by the crash will be able to file claims for any personal injury or property damage with the Navy. Navy personnel say will be at Birdneck Elementary school to meet with those displaced.

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