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Angry parents say county leaders went way over the top when they had deputies escort two youth football coaches off the field during practice.  Authorities say they broke the rules and deserve to be punished.  Hear what the coaches have to say at 11.

A Virginia teen is charged with multiple counts of aggravated sexual battery. Police say the seven victims are 13 and 14 year olds and the alleged crimes happened at their middle school.

A Chesterfield school spokesperson says a student has come forward admitting to posting a threatening Craigslist ad that promoted violence against his English teacher.  A viewer tells NBC 12 the ad used the phrase "kidnap or kill" and gave the teacher's name.

A historic Richmond theater is cited for health violations in tonight's Restaurant Report.  We'll take you inside the newly renovated Hippodrome Theater for a look at what inspectors found wrong and how the problems have been corrected.   Check out the local landmark that hosted blues and jazz legends tonight at 11.