Overused tests at the doctor's office

Think twice before you have that test run at the doctor's office.

A new report by nine physician groups, the Consumers Union and the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation suggests many tests are overused in doctor's offices.

Here's the top five they say are not always necessary:

- A CT scan or MRI scan after fainting - especially if your behavior is normal and you have no seizures or neurological problems.

- An annual cardiac stress test - health officials say if you're healthy it's unlikely to change the course of your treatment.

- A chest x-ray before outpatient surgery is not necessary if you have a moderate to good functioning heart and you're only going in for a low-risk surgery.

- A back scan within the first six weeks of lower back pain - doctors say it won't find the source if an outright physical exam didn't find it either.

- And repeat colorectal cancer screening - start them at age 50 and doctors say if the results are normal, you'll only need them every 10 years.

Doctors say reducing these tests will help save money in the health care system.

If you want to check out all 45 tests listed in the report go to ChoosingWisely.org.