Couple fined for contempt, can't own generator installation co.

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - New information about a Chesterfield couple now banned from running a generator installation company or anything else like it in the county.

A judge fined Stephen and Angela Mills for doing contract work even after they were told to stop. But their court troubles are far from over. Today's hearing only dealt with a violation of a judge's order back in January.

Chesterfield inspectors will go after them for alleged building code violations. Tonight we've learned the couple is also facing code violations in Henrico.

They managed to avoid our camera after a Chesterfield circuit judge slapped the Mills with a $5,000 fine for contempt. We wanted to ask them about 54 building code violations filed in Henrico two months after an injunction order against them in Chesterfield.

A Henrico building official said the Mills had permits for most of the jobs, but failed to get inspections or finish generator installations and replacement work on gas furnaces. Last Friday, half the cases were dismissed.

Henrico said the Mills came in to compliance. For the rest, they were fined $1,000 each. But the penalty was suspended to see if they can resolve the remaining issues.

Chesterfield filed an injunction in January against the Mills and their company, Virginia Air Mechanical, claiming the Mills did gas and electrical contracting work for generator installations in an unsafe manner that put homeowners at risk.

But chief inspector, Roger Robertson said the couple continued work at two homes about a week later.

"We have witness confirmation that they did indeed perform work on a certain date on a certain location," said Robertson.

The couple agreed to a fine plus a ten day jail sentence for Stephen Mills--- all suspended for three years. The Mills told the judge they're done that, they're out of business!

"I want them to get the work done; to correct the errors and deficiencies that they have done in the county," said Robertson.

Robertson said he'll now move forward with building code violations.

"I would think in the next 30 days we will have those orders issued and summons obtained if necessary," said Robertson.

Robertson didn't know how many out of the 48 violations he'll move forward with. He said it depends on how much of the work has been corrected and how much hasn't.

Commonwealth Duct and Mold is handling the remediation work in Chesterfield. That company tells us, it's working with the Mills on getting compensated for the work.

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