Controversial Obama banners appear around town

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Some controversial signs of President Barack Obama are popping up around Metro Richmond. The signs, playing off of April Fool's Day are getting a lot of attention but not everyone is laughing.

The signs play off the famous "got milk?" campaign and ask if you've been fooled by President Obama.

We posted a picture of the sign on the NBC12 Facebook page and immediately saw a huge reaction. Many see this as free speech. Others say it's inappropriate.

These yellow signs have been put up in the last few days - just in time for April Fool's Day. The signs show President Obama decked out in a milk mustache with the simple question "got fooled?" in giant letters.

David Moss is the man behind the signs. He works at a sign company and recently decided to mix his professional life with his politics.

He says too many people got caught up in Obama's speeches. Now he hopes these signs will make you think.

"Look at something, see it, scratch their head, think about it," Moss said.  "Hopefully as they drive again to work, they'll see it again. Over the next couple months they'll see it and hopefully think about it when they go to Election Day."

Jerry Stevenson is one of the first people to put up one of these signs.

"It's April Fool's," Stevenson said.  "Everyone has been fooled by this guy."

He's made a name for himself in his neighborhood off Robious Road in Chesterfield. He's been putting up anti-Obama signs for years. He says some people love the signs, others may hate it, but he doesn't think there's anything offensive about them.

As you can imagine, not everyone is crazy about some of these signs. Some people say they're distasteful and other people have simply said it's disrespectful to criticize the President in a manner like this.

Dinah Mitchell lives across the street from one of these signs. She says she's not a fan.

"I can't say I necessarily agree with what he's saying," Mitchell said.  "But he definitely has a right to express himself."

She says she'd rather not see a sign bashing anyone.

"I'd like to see him put up something about someone he does support," she said.  "Something a little more positive."

Once we posted the sign on Facebook more than 160 of you shared your thoughts in less than an hour, some agreeing with Mitchell, others who liked the sign.

Moss says he's planning on putting this on a billboard in the near future.

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