Education Editorial: U.S. Education

By: Bill Bosher - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Joel Klein, former Chief of the New York City schools and now with News Corp, has recently headed a team of notables to look at education in the United States.  They conclude that it is a "very grave national security threat."

They note: "The failure of U.S. K-12 schools to prepare young Americans with essential skills and knowledge puts this nation's economic growth and competitiveness, physical security, information security, and national character at risk."

While clearly provocative as we face national elections, the report may stimulate some questions that have not been addressed. While we lament our dropout rates, how many countries limit access? Is special education a universal right? How often are schools sued in other industrialized countries? Do other nations avoid accountability because of potential socio-economic or racial issues? Are higher performing countries unionized? Do they require uniforms, strict discipline, and "old fashioned" family support? Are skilled tradesmen valued in those countries? When governments are folding why do its families take boats, dig tunnels, seek asylum, traverse mountains and deserts, sacrifice possessions and offer up safety to get to America? And, in most companies do the CEO's build morale or create incentives by criticizing everyone to get to someone?

It is always easier to debate the "average" than it is to confront the "actual".

Using this report as a model, when an auto manufacturer finds a defective part, we should recall every car in America…they are all a threat to highway safety.

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