Woman leaves spa without paying for cosmetic injections

CULPEPER, VA (WWBT) - A woman walks into a doctor's office for help to smooth her wrinkles and stiffs them on the bill. Culpeper Police said she got a year's worth of cosmetic facial injections before making a run for it.

She was caught on tape walking into the Med Spa of Virginia at the Culpeper Regional Hospital complex. A smooth criminal now with a face to match.

"Not the kind of person you would expect you to be taken in by," said Karri Mize.

Mize runs the spa. She was there March 9th when a woman, a new client, walked in the door.

"She reminded me of my grandmother," said Mize.

The woman, who lied about her age, is believed to be in her 60's. She claimed her name was Kelly Capwell. We Googled it. That's a character on the old soap "Santa Barbara." Police said she also made up where she lived by giving a fake address in Madison County.

"The closest thing it came back to was some place in Michigan," said Detective Luke Altman with the Culpeper Police Department.

Det. Altman said the woman insisted on getting three injections of Juvederm XC, a cosmetic treatment like Botox to rid the face of lines and wrinkles. The price tag: nearly $1600.

"Because she did receive full and maximum correction I wouldn't expect she would need to have another injection for another year," said Mize.

As part of her elaborate ruse, the woman claimed she left her purse in the treatment room and when staff went to go get it she took off. Staff returned to find the reception area empty.

"She did go to the front window and observe the woman get in her car and drive away," said Mize.

But a security camera captured this snapshot of her car, a gray four door Chevy sedan.

While the story is unforgettable, police hope her face is too.

"I hope she looks like the photo. I guess with all that work done I don't know how recognizable she will be," said Altman.

Police said even the name and number she gave for her emergency contact were fake. If you can help detectives, call Crime Solvers at 540-727-0300.

The med spa is a cash-and-carry-type business. It doesn't do background checks on patients and managers don't plan to change their policy because of this fraud case.

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