Making more money liquidating online

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Whether you're downsizing or liquidating, it's not easy to sell the contents of an entire house and turn a good profit. Since 2010, sellers across our area have turned to Cannon's Online Auctions for help.

"We find that there's a much wider market by doing it online than trying to get a bunch of people to come to a live sale," said Clide Cannon, owner of Cannon's Online Auctions.

Consigners can bring items to the showroom where they are  photographed, displayed and sold in an online auction. But when you're trying to sell the contents of an entire home, you can leave everything right where it is.

"That saves the seller a whole bunch of  money, because they don't have to pay to move that stuff," Cannon added.

Unlike on E-bay, you can't snag an item with a last-minute bid. Each bid in the last few minutes will add time to ensure fairness.

A couple of days after the auction closes, the winners come to the site to pick up their merchandise. Another advantage to a local auction, you won't pay shipping.

You go to the home to pay for and pick up what you won. This was Joseph Lane's first auction online. He got an imperial candlewick glass set.

"I only paid seven dollars for this glass and some of these plates can go upward of 9 or 10 dollars a plate," Lane said.

He says his plans for the set is, "Sell it immediately. Hopefully it's gone in the next 24 hours."

John Tisdale has been buying with Cannon's for six months. He says the online process is less time consuming.

"You come and preview it, look at it, make sure if it's damaged or not and just go home and bid from home," Tisdale explained.

Some he will keep, the rest find new homes using Ebay.

Cannon's Online Auctions has another sale closing this Monday at 10 a.m. If you want to see what kind of treasures are awaiting your bid, click here.

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