Home-canning making a comeback

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Home canning is making a comeback, though some say it never really went away.

If you've seen more canning supplies in grocery stores lately, it's because of an increase in demand.

"It's really taken off, it's what I call having skipped a generation," says canning class instructor Lyn Deardorff. "We're now seeing a really big resurgence in it."

Deardorff says if you're willing to spend some time you can save some serious money.

"You pay a premium price for organic, but if you're doing your own it's a whole lot cheaper."

It's also fresher and healthier. For example, preserved apples don't contain preservatives, chemicals or extra sugar, not to mention bacteria.

"Absolutely, safety is everything in canning, because the difference is it's going to sit on a shelf for a year or more," explains Deardorff.

You may want to attend a class to learn the proper heating and sealing methods, as many have been revised since your grandmother put up preserves.

The USDA changed its guidelines for canning temperatures and techniques in 1990, so Deardorff advises not to use cookbooks and recipes written before then, because they might not be as safe as modern ones.

We found two local canneries to get you started:

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