BBB warns of latest phone phishing scam

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Seniors beware — the Better Business Bureau is warning of phone calls phishing for your banking information.

Better Business Bureau President Tom Gallagher is disgusted over the latest scam hitting the Richmond area.

The victim: 92 years old. The scam: crooks calling attempting to get her banking information.

"If they keep you on the phone long enough, they will have you convinced that they are your long lost child."

The call came from a 609 area code based out of Trenton, New Jersey.

They claimed to be with a company named Nationwide Security — the BBB couldn't find anything in its records on the company, and believes it's a fake.

When the victim refused to give out her private information, the crook used scare tactics.

Here's what he told her:

"If somebody gets into your account, your money could drained out and you could go to jail behind that. He tried to put real fear into this poor person."

The BBB says there could be more victims — it reminds, not just seniors, but all consumers never to give out personal information over the phone.

Gallagher says seniors are usually targets because they are the ones most likely home during the day.

"Somebody calling is chance for outside contact, that is a very big deal. It depends on how lonely you are as to how vulnerable you are."

The best way to protect your self if you get one of these calls — hang up.

"It's pretty simple, the longer you talk to these guys the better they are at selling, and they will engage you in conversation and the next thing you know you are going to give them information that you didn't want to give them."

If you get a similar call, the BBB wants to hear from you so they can warn others.

To contact the BBB senior fraud hotline, the number is 804-780-2222.

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