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One stop shop for finding deals

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Nathan Engels started using coupons to eliminate his debt. He got good at it and started teaching classes to share his knowledge. 

"People wanted to connect with me after class, so why don't I start a site where they can ask questions and post and I could respond," he said. 

"We use" was born in 2008 and has grown exponentially with the downturn in the economy. More than 200,000 members peruse this site, gaining the knowledge it takes to save at the grocery store. 

"All of those people are collaborating together. Say that you're in Martin's or CVS and you see a great deal, you can come on our site and post it and people that are all over the country or just in the Richmond area can duplicate that deal in their local stores," said Engels. 

Nathan posts about 20 hot deals a day-whether it's a good coupon or an online deal, but the bulk of the information is in the main forum.  

"We probably have about 3,000-7,000 posts there every day," he said.  

When you choose a store, you'll see a detailed list of what contributors around the country have found. They break down their shopping trips and explain how they worked the deal. 

I'm good, but even I can miss a bargain. I love this site because of the unadvertised deals that get posted.  

The site offers classes and videos for those looking to learn the trade and for the expert, a chance to discover something you didn't know. 

"We can't cover every single element of every single store, so having that resource that's going to empower you to save money and cut down the time you have to spend personally to research the deals is a really great thing," Engels added.

The site is user friendly and absolutely free. If you'd like to start saving on your next shopping trip, click here

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