Man charged with running dentistry without a license

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT)- Complaints about what police describe as sub-standard dentistry lands a Chesterfield man in jail.

44-year-old Juan Polanco Dominguez is charged with four felonies and five misdemeanors.

He's accused of running an illegal dental office out of his home.

Court documents reveal Polanco Dominguez not only practiced dentistry at a home he rented in the county, but owns a dental practice in the Dominican Republic.

I went by his house for his side of the story, no one came to the door.

It looks like any other house on Caldwell Avenue until, police say, you walk through the front door.

"Once you got inside it was set up as if you were walking into a dentist office," said Chesterfield Police Sgt. George Burgess.

Polanco Dominguez is accused of performing everything from cleanings to tooth extractions without a license.

Police seized quite a bit, including medical supplies.

"Some of the things we saw were of concern — how they were stored and handled and how they might have been sterilized," said Sgt. Burgess.

The allegations make licensed dentists, like Dr. Roger Wood, cringe.

"It's upsetting to me for what he might have done to people unsuspecting," said Dr. Wood.

Police said Polanco Dominguez had a makeshift office in his side room complete with a dental chair, an item, Dr. Wood said, he could have bought on the black market.

"Probably got those online... you can get them shipped in from other countries.  It's illegal for dental supply dealers in the states to sell to anyone other than a licensed dentist," said Dr. Wood.

Sgt. Burgess said Polanco Dominguez saw numerous patients and there's no evidence they had health insurance.

Burgess said his victims had to get follow-up work.

"They complained it was substandard and went to another licensed dentist," said Sgt. Burgess.

Burgess said Polanco Dominguez got patients through word of mouth and handed out business cards.

Neighbors didn't know much about him.

Police encourage others to come forward if they were his patient.

"Any work that was done should be checked out by a licensed dentist that was well trained," said Dr. Wood.

Polanco Dominguez will be arraigned next week.

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