Man questioning kids in upscale neighborhood is found

FREDERICKSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Police nab a man they say was questioning kids in an upscale Fredericksburg neighborhood for about a week. It all happened at the Idlewild Neighborhood, which is just off I-95 near exit 130.

Police tell us that the 19-year-old connected to the case, admitted that he was responsible for the five incidents in the area. We're told he is not facing any charges, at this time.

Quiet. Upscale. New. Three words to describe the Idlewild neighborhood Stormy White calls home.

"We live in a good neighborhood and stuff like this makes you look over your shoulder. I got to look out for my sister and my mom," said White.

Investigators say a 19-year-old living in this same community -- admitted that on at least five different occasions -- he questioned children and asked parents where certain children were.

The common theme here? Police say the man would be going around this community, telling people that he is looking for the kids who threw rocks at him.

Police say the children, mostly under 13, were questioned near a retail center inside the complex and even at a middle school bus stop.

Now police are trying to figure out what this man's real intentions were. "Just figure out what he is doing going around talking to kids, which obviously isn't the right thing to do," said Natatia Bledsoe with the Fredericksburg Police Department.

"This is where I should be able to come shower, come eat, take a bath without a problem," added Stormy.

That's why police were aggressively trying to track this man down, by stepping up marked and undercover patrols in the area.

"We believe there are other residents out there who had encounters with this guy that we don't know about just yet," added Bledsoe.

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