Mother: sexual advances made toward child at daycare

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Yvette Taylor says she's now looking for a new daycare for her 4-year-old son after he came home Monday and told her another 4-year-old made sexual advances toward him.

"He had mentioned to me that an inappropriate behavior had occurred. That another little boy had kissed him in his mouth," said Taylor. "And he said, 'well, Mommy, his mouth was open and he laid on top of me.'"

The child's mother told us it happened during nap time and that the teacher wasn't in the room, but in the hallway.

"He said, 'Well Mommy, he laid on top of me and he asked me to sit down on my penis.' And I said 'what?'" said Taylor. "Then he said, 'Mommy, he asked me if I could taste it.' And I said 'you've got to be kidding me.'"

She says no one stepped in to stop it — and the situation continued.

"Then he also made mention to me that the little boy laid on top of him and said we're having 'socks,'" said Taylor. "Well, I know what he was trying to say as a four-year-old, and it clearly wasn't 'socks.'"

The head of the New Life Outreach Child Development Center had no comment at this time.

A child abuse prevention advocate with Prevent Child Abuse Virginia told us the child's behavior may be indicative of a very serious problem.

"For a child to aggressively approach another child, in a way that is very provocative and demonstrates body activities, and language that you described is very likely a child who has experienced that himself." said Johanna Schuchert.

Taylor says she doesn't' blame the child, but thinks a teacher should have been there to step in and help both kids.

"I want her terminated. She has failed in her job and because of that my son has to pay for it," said Taylor.

Taylor did file a report and we're told Chesterfield County has a report.

If you know of or suspect abuse, call police. You can also call 1-800-CHILDREN for help.

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