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Acts of Kindness: Rewarding decades of support

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Today we're passing on $300 to a viewer who nominated her former neighbor, who was there for her through a family crisis with friendship, food and shelter.

Now that her neighbor's been battling tough times, she's paying it forward with an Act of Kindness surprise.

We met Sharon at Chesterfield Towne Center:"Oh, I'm so tickled to have this chance!" where she'd planned a lunchtime surprise for her long-time friend Vickie.

"She is the kind of person that would just give you the shirt off her back," said Sharon.

Their connection spans several decades. Sharon said she and Vickie bonded instantly when Vickie's family provided emergency shelter, giving her a secure, stable home — an escape from her own family's disintegration.

"They were a lifesaver to me, I'll always love them like they were my own."

More than a quarter century later, Sharon said her friend is recovering from a series of traumatic family events.

"She has gone through so many things," said Sharon. "Her husband died of a brain tumor when she had two little baby girls, and she raised them pretty much by herself and she has lost her house, lost her job."

Things are looking up for Vickie; she recently found a new job, and is making a fresh start.

"Back working again, back on her feet giving to everyone else and it's time for her to have a hand up. I want her to know she's loved, and there's a lot of people out here that want her to succeed and to never give up."

We're glad to be able to help out with $300.

We set off to do some mall walking to meet Vickie at her new job.

Sabrina: "Does she know you're coming to meet her at all?"

Sharon: "She doesn't have a clue."

Mall managers and Vickie's boss agreed to help us out.

Sharon: "She told her they were going to have a special corporate person coming in, so she had to dress nice today (laugh)."

At the entrance to LensCrafters, we spotted Vickie working right up front and Sharon seized the moment.

Sharon: "We're doing Acts of Kindness because I love you so much, and I wanted you to know you're blessed, and I have $300 for you.

Vickie: "You are kidding me."

Sharon: "I am not kidding you."

Vickie: "Oh my god!"

Sharon: "Take a break."

Vickie: "Oh my goodness!"

Sharon: "$300... 1, 2, $300."

Vickie: "I recognized you, and I'm like, 'Sharon, you get around!' (laughs)"

Sabrina: "She said you've been there for so many people, and it's time somebody was there for you." 

Vickie: "Aww, so sweet, I'm gonna cry now"

Sharon: "Oh, you made my day. This is great, I feel like Santa Claus."

And Sharon is loving her green gifts.

Vickie: "What I'm gonna do with it? I'm gonna get some oil for next winter, that's what I'm gonna do."

For now, she says nothing's more heart warming than the gift of true friendship.

Vickie: "I love you."

Sharon: "I love you too!"

Vickie: "...I'm gonna kill you too (laughs)"

Is there someone in your life who helped you through a tough time? Why not nominate that good samaritan for an Act of Kindness?

Send your nomination to

Remember, it cannot be a relative.

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