Hundreds of parents attend seminar on 25i

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Authorities are fighting back against a designer drug becoming dangerously popular among students. It's called 25i. The hallucinogenic has led to several overdoses in the area.

Sunday night, Chesterfield County authorities had a frank conversation with parents. About 300 people met with first responders to learn about the drug. Authorities say no one has died here yet, but they say this drug is serious...and that could be next.

"We've gotten reports that parents have found it in school systems and had it at parties and such and so they've come to us," said David Bulman with the Manchester Volunteer Rescue Squad.

It was enough to alarm David Benjamin, who has teenagers, and bring him to the meeting about the drug.

"We've even had one problem in Virginia Beach where it put the person in heart failure and it can happen just as much here," said Bulman.

To date, Richmond and Chesterfield rescue squads have responded to a significant increase in overdose cases from 25i.

"It has been on the up rise. We've had like I said, 7 here in the county and I know of at least one of that our organization has run also," said Bulman.

And authorities say preventing that from happening here, is going to mean helping parents get informed and talk to their kids.

"It's something that's probably going to be on the steady rise," said Bulman. "That's why we're trying to get the public educated and try to grab it by the horns. "

"I think it's really important that we have those kinds of conversations with our kids and if we don't talk to them, they're just going to get their information off the street," added Benjamin.

If you couldn't make it to Sunday night's meeting, the Manchester Rescue Squad is working toward possibly putting together another one. They say the drug can cause a teen to become highly irritable, with dilated pupils and that it's also easily obtained.

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