Fugitive Friday: Police search for Robert Lee Simmons

Robert Lee Simmons
Robert Lee Simmons

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – This week's featured fugitive is Robert Lee Simmons. He's wanted by multiple authorities in Southside Virginia for passing bad checks.

Police say Robert Lee Simmons works as a truck driver operating out of Charles City. Last May, he pulled his truck into the 360 Truckstop in Amelia County to fill up on fuel. Simmons pumped $530 worth of diesel fuel and paid with a check. When the Truckstop went to cash the check it bounced.

"The business suffers loss which means they have to pass that on to consumers at some point," said Sheriff Ricky Walker, with the Amelia County Sheriff's Office.

"Anytime we get a returned check of course that's a fee on us and that's a loss of fuel," said Mary Jones.

Jones supervises four stores in Amelia County and says Robert Simmons looks familiar.

"I've seen this man recently," she said.

She also remembers trying to track him down last May.

"The phone number on the check, of course, didn't work anymore," Jones said.

She says the business listed on the check was Lee's Trucking in Charles City.

"I searched Charles City's registry, couldn't find anything on Lee's Trucking," added Jones.

The certified letter she sent to the address on the check came back undeliverable.

"For us as a business, with the economy the way it is, you know we need every dime we can get. Any drive off is bad or any bad check is bad," she said.

"If he's doing it in one place, he's probably done it in more," Sheriff Walker added.

In fact Simmons seems to have left a trail of bounced checks in his wake. In addition to Amelia, he has warrants out in Halifax, Mecklenburg, and Charlotte Counties for passing bad checks.

"It just makes it worse for him the longer he's on the run," Walker said.

Investigators need your help in getting Robert Simmons off the streets.

"If anybody has seen him, if anybody knows if he has a current address, if he has moved," Walker added.

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