Caught on tape: Mom shops with stolen credit card

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA (WWBT) - Not a typical shopping trip for one mom in Colonial Heights where police said she used a stolen credit card to buy electronics right in front of her kids and on camera.

The crime may be jaw-dropping for some. A mother of three shopping with a stolen credit card with her kids in tow. But isn't shocking at all to police. They released the video today hoping you'll recognize the woman or her children so they can put mom behind bars.

Police say the credit card was stolen in Dinwiddie. She was first spotted in the Colonial Heights Walmart parking lot three days before Christmas. With two of her kids in her cart and a third trailing behind, she went straight for the electronics.

"Probably a test to see if the card would work," said Detective Kevin Bacon with Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Crime Solvers.

She had success at the register with a Kindle Fire and prepaid cell phone...a $400 purchase in the bag. Just minutes after that successful shopping trip, she decided to give that stolen credit card another try at the same store but the card was denied.

The second attempt took a while longer. She tried to get two more Kindles. A manager had to be called over to cancel the transaction after she swiped the card with no luck.

All the while her kids are bouncing around in and out of the cart. She then appears to pull cash from her bra to pay for a pre-paid cell phone card.

"That's not an uncommon tactic where they will use the card and if the card works they will try to immediately make a second purchase or try to go to a second location," said Det. Bacon.

Police said it's also not unusual for criminals to drag their kids into their own mess.

"We are a little saddened by that. It's not unusual, again, to have a suspect who has children with them, but of course it really don't make for being a good role model," said Det. Bacon.

The Dinwiddie Sheriff's Office is handling the stolen credit card investigation. It was taken at a store in that county. If you recognize that woman or her children, call Crime Solvers anonymously at 748-0660.

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