Good Evening, from Sabrina

The relentless Rams pull off a big upset in Portland beating Wichita 62-59!  We check in with jubilant fans tonight.

A warning from Richmond's finest, "Don't come into the city picking up prostitutes or we could pick you up."  Police busted a local minister and 33 others in a city wide undercover sting.  Authorities say the preacher had his two year old with him when he solicited a cop.  Police have released all the mug shots.

An 88 year old woman is killed after falling on an escalator.  Her clothing got caught in the treads and she was strangled.

In the Restaurant Report tonight, dishes soiled with food and lipstick  is just one of 4 critical violations for a Henrico waffle house.   Tonight the company issues a statement.   Get all the details when you join us at 11.