Violent family fight leads to multiple charges

AMELIA COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - Gunfire and an out-and-out brawl between two families has neighbors in Amelia County rattled. The fight unfolded in the area of Genito and Howard Road Sunday night.

To date, at least eight people have been arrested and several hospitalized. The fight was said to be between the Love family on Genito Road in Amelia, and the Willis family that lives around the block on Howard Road.

Teresa Love was charged with threatening to burn the Willis family home. Her sons Timothy, or Timmy, and Charles Love Jr, aka Lil Bit, face charges for malicious wounding by a mob. Her husband, Charles or "Chuck" Love faces charges for malicious wounding by a mob, use or display of a firearm in commission of a felony by a mob, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. And the deputies have a warrant out for Richard, or Ricky, for malicious wounding by a mob.

Johnny Pickens was also charged with malicious wounding by a mob. We're told he was fighting with the Love family.

To date, three juveniles have been arrested who were fighting for the Willis family. Two of them were said to be brothers.

Sheriff Ricky Walker told us the trouble started Sunday morning. His office got a call that the families were fighting, but when officers arrived on scene everyone denied a problem.

Later that night, deputies got a call of shots fired. When they arrived on scene, four people were found injured.

"It just ended up in a big fight amongst people, against neighbors and with blunt object weapons and as far as we know a shot gun and maybe a hand gun," Walker explained to us.

We asked Teresa Love what happened to cause the fight. She told us her son was supposed to fight one of the Willis boys, because the Loves allege the children in the Willis family were stealing from neighbors.

Love said, "Out in the country we fight old school. One-on-one; no weapons." She went on to explain that her son even stripped down to his boxers in order to prove he did not intend to use weapons.

Then she tells us a group of people from Henrico had come down to fight for the Willis family, and the fight between two people escalated into a fight between two families. The Sheriff's Office confirms that warrants are in place to arrest a number of people from Henrico who had been involved in the fight. We're told they are members of the Tiny Rascals Gang.

Court papers indicate Teresa Love threatened to burn a house down, that her husband shot someone, and her son hit someone with a blunt object.

Love claims her son, Timmy, was hit in the head with a hammer. That Ricky was shot and stabbed and her husband's arm was broken.

Deputies arrested most of the people involved in a swat sting on Monday night.The sheriff says he's watching the area closely but he's not sure this is the end of the problem.

"It makes it hard on the folks out there," said Walker. "There are some good folks out there and they don't deserve to have all this happening in their neighborhood."

Chuck Love's name may sound familiar. He was previously convicted for his involvement in a pagan gang. We're told Love has since been voted out of the gang. The Sheriff says he does not believe gangs are involved in this situation.

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