Buying A Voice: Kaine proposes "no secret money" pact to Allen

RICHMOND (WWBT) - A unique proposal in the race for U.S.Senate, Tim Kaine is asking his likely opponent George Allen to team up to ask third party groups, with secret donors to stay out of Virginia.

This proposal was borne out of a question I asked during a debate in December as part of our "Buying a Voice" segment.

The Allen camp calls Kaine's idea: "A Washington political gimmick."

Despite being 10 months away from the election third party groups are pouring cash into Virginia. Tim Kaine told me that Virginians deserve to know where the cash is coming from.

"If you won't agree to no SuperPacs," said Kaine "At least we should all be to agree no secret money."

Kaine thinks Allen should be on board with the plan, based on what he said in the December debate.

"I've always been an advocate of 'disclosure and freedom,'" said Allen.

In a response to Kaine's request, Allen said it was "Hard to take (Kaine) seriously" because he took a sizeable donation from the AFL-CIO despite hoping to represent a right to work state.

The Republican said most union members have no say over where their dues go when it comes to supporting candidates.

Kaine countered that all of their contributions are public.

"The only reason that George knows that is because we disclosed those donations," he said.

Despite the politics, Allen advisers privately argued that asking third party groups to stay out is impossible and borderline illegal.

And while the accusations fly, the money continues to flow, with no sign of stopping until November.

See the letters between campaigns on this topic, plus my entire interview with Governor Kaine, and the full exchange from the December debate on

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