Woman accused of assaulting teen near bus stop in court

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The woman accused of pistol whipping a teenager near a Chesterfield school bus stop heads to court, but we've learned of a new twist in this unusual case.

The attorney for that woman is now trying to get charges filed against the teen. Attorney Vaughan Jones said his client, 33-year-old Susan Desantiago, was severely beaten during that same ordeal Monday.

Jones said Desantiago has two black eyes and other bruising. She filed a police report late today. Police are looking in to that on top of allegations Desantiago put a gun to a teenager's head. Police tell me both sides exchanged heated words.

Desantiago's attorney said his client's husband tried to protect her Monday. When I asked her husband outside court about what unfolded on S. Jessup Road, he kept quiet.

Tara Morgan: "Sir you helped defuse a situation. Don't you want to comment about your wife on her behalf?"

His attention focused on supporting his wife. Jones said investigators snapped photos of her injuries.

"She has two black eyes and a significant bruise on the bridge of her nose," said Jones.

Tara Morgan: "So the teenager, the 16-year-old laid hands on your client?"
Vaughan Jones: "Without a doubt without a doubt."

Beaten Vaughan said after Desantiago couldn't drive past a group of teens and some cars blocking her way. But witnesses claim Desantiago sped by as a 16-year-old Meadowbrook High School student and other teens walked home from a school bus stop.

Desantiago allegedly pulled a gun.

The 16-year-old girl's mom said Desantiago wasn't attacked that her daughter fought back after a gun was held to her head and being pistol whipped.

She said her daughter is in shock-- so upset that she couldn't sleep alone overnight.

"The lady grabbed after this and she was holding on to this baby's hair like she wouldn't let go and I was trying to pry her hands loose. She was so mad with this girl," said witness Trudy Stokes.

Jones said about 10 to 15 teens were involved and even though Desantiago's husband tried to keep some of them off his wife, she still ended up with significant bruising.

"Her husband was there; very much protected her will absolutely be a witness to this incident and saw a lot of those things himself," said Jones.

Police said Desantiago's husband prevented further violence by taking the gun away. Vaughan told me he couldn't comment on why his client had a gun to begin with.

Desantiago's trial is scheduled for next month.

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