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Vasectomy Madness: procedures rise during March Madness


Basketball fans are looking for any excuse to be able to stay home from work and watch March Madness. So how far would you go to skip work? Would you believe that vasectomies increase by 50% during the NCAA tournament?

Wouldn't you love to stay home from work and watch March Madness? Virginia Urology is betting on it. They're running an ad campaign that says, "Need a doctor's note to stay home and watch basketball for a few days? We've got you covered." Next you're led to a web address for

That's right. They're advertising vasectomies, the snipping of the vas deferens, which prevents men from having more children.

"Good luck with that!" reacted Jeff Smith, a basketball fan and father of three.

What's more painful? Missing a basketball game or a vasectomy? We asked guys if they'd consider it.

Said Smith, "Absolutely not!" Then he couldn't stop laughing.

"Not right now. I don't have any kids. One day I'd like to have one," his friend Cheston Harris said.

Bar manager Mike Daniels, who had a vasectomy years ago, even reacted, "No, seems a bit drastic."

But actually, men are jumping at the idea. Virginia Urology, which has run the ad for three years, says its vasectomies increase 40% to 50% during March Madness, usually among men who already decided to get one, but have been putting it off.

Terry Coffey, CEO of Virginia Urology, told us, "It's interesting this campaign, the feedback we get from women as well as men, because they know their husband will be sitting on the couch anyway."

"It's good timing I guess," Harris reconsidered, "if you're going to do it."

The idea makes some cringe, like Smith, saying "Looks like that's not going to happen. Trust me. My wife has asked. We have three kids, it's not happening."

But Coffey says it's really not so bad. They give men medication for the pain, plus popcorn, a magazine, and a bag of frozen peas.

"With enough medication, yah," said Harris.

VCU Brandcenter professor Kelly O'Keefe says using humor makes the ad memorable, and takes the sting out of the idea. "Throw a little humor at people around March Madness and get them to come out, I think, is smart. And it sort of breaks the ice on a conversation that a lot of couples want to have."

But you won't be sitting at home for too long, guys. Urologists say after a couple of days, you'll be perfectly able to go back to work.

"In general, if you take it easy for that first day or two, you're back in circulation very soon," said Coffey.

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