Richmond Schools Community Meetings

The Richmond City Board today will convene a series of public conversations on the FY 2013 school budget to help dispel some of the myths about the school system, to clearly illustrate how taxpayers' dollars are being spent, to review reductions in spending over the last five years and to provide greater clarity on the system's per pupil costs so that the public can make informed decisions.

The schedule of the community meetings is as follows (all run from 6-7:30PM)

March 15: Blackwell Elementary, 1600 Everett St.

March 20: Chimborazo Elementary, 300 East Marshall St.

March 22: Alert Hill Middle, 3400 Patterson Ave.

March 28: Southside Community Center, 4100 Hull Street Rd.

March 29: John Marhsall High, 4225 Old Brook Rd.