15 Chesterfield arsons in one neighborhood

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) -- Chesterfield Police are looking for what they believe to be at least one teen, responsible for starting 15 arsons in one neighborhood.

Police tell us that these crimes are happening in the Walton Park neighborhood. That's just off North Woolridge Road in Western Chesterfield.

Police say these teens are using clothing, newspapers, trash... really anything  they can get their hands on to start these fires.

Busy traffic and hundreds of homes — that's what you'll find along Walton Park Road. That's exactly where police say it's likely at least one teen is coming out at night, to play with fire.

Kerrie Bogaz lives right in the line of fire. Police say it's literally on the road in front of her home where these arsons are happening. The latest one happened last Saturday.

Luckily, none of the 15 crimes since December have actually reached a home yet. But the worry is — the next fire will. "If you destroy a home, you're destroying a whole family really," said Bogaz.

Another worry is there are a lot of trees, dead limbs and dry leaves surrounding the homes. It's all stuff that can catch and spread a fire quickly, especially if no one is around to notice it.

"It's really windy around here. It's very open. I still have leaves down."

11 of the fires, police say, happened in the 400 block of Walton park Road. Neighbors say the reason may be the brand new sidewalks in the neighborhood.

"I've noticed a lot of foot traffic with the sidewalks. At nighttime, when people go to sleep, it's more accessible to getting where you have to go. You do see a lot of people, especially kids, walking up and down the road," said Bogaz.

So now fire crews at night are monitoring this area, looking to catch someone in the act.

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