Dog injured in trap

Chesterfield County, VA (WWBT) - Animal Control officials are warning people to watch their dogs.

They say one dog was severely injured recently after a rusty leg trap in the woods got a hold of her paw.

Animal Control officers say the dog at large was carrying the trap for days and part of its paw had to be amputated.

Officers say all this could have been prevented if the dog wasn't loose in the first place, because in Centerfield County, setting up traps on rural private property land is not illegal — but letting your dog loose off private property is.

The spring metal leg trap was intended for pesky little critters like raccoons or coyotes — not someone's pet.

Chesterfield County Animal Control supervisor, Donald Rose, said the trap didn't hold the full grown brindle mastiff mix. She instead pulled it from the ground.

The trap injured the dog's paw — its toes were beyond repair and had to be amputated.

"She was in quite a bit of pain, and she had an infection in her foot of course, and she's come a long way. She's picked up some weight, and as you can see, the foot has healed pretty nicely," said Rose.

It's been about two weeks since she's been under the care of Animal Control.

"The dog is timid, of course... it's been hurt, and all indications from what we found out, the dog has been running loose for a good while," said Rose.

Dehydrated, underweight, and bleeding, the county paid for all her medical bills, but so far hasn't given her a name. They're waiting for its new owner to give her one.

In the meantime, officers are busy responding to other calls of dogs at large in the county.

"It's on a daily basis we have stray dog complaints, the officers are out here answering calls from early morning to the evening hours," said Rose.

Officials say an accident like this one could have been prevented — if the dog hadn't been loose in the first place.

The Chesterfield County leash law requires all dogs must be leashed if off their private property.

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