General Assembly wrap-up

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - This could be the end of the General Assembly session. The Virginia legislature is scheduled to end their session on March 3, but there are still many lingering issues.

Chief among them: the budget. There is still no budget passed by both the senate and the house. Senate democrats are still fighting for equal representation on committees and the lack of progress means the session could carry over into the spring.

Some issues are starting to get resolved. The governor officially signed into law a bill that will require women seeking an abortion to obtain an ultrasound first. The bill is now law, but the protests over the measure continue.

Officially dead for this session: a pet proposal of Governor McDonnell's ending the Commonwealth's practice of a policy similar to "teacher tenure". The senate could not muster enough support for a plan to require yearly review of teacher contracts.

Also done for the year: the "Castle" bill. If passed, this measure would allow a wide range of rights to people to use deadly force when protecting their homes.

Session is scheduled to wrap for the year, but it is almost certain that this is not the end of this legislature's work.

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