President Obama to visit Rolls-Royce plant

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We're just months away from the election and Obama know's time is running out to gain support from Central Virginians. All eyes are on job growth as he makes his way to Richmond.

Just three days after Super Tuesday, and a victory for Mitt Romney in Virginia, Obama is trying to rally support in the Commonwealth. The President has made several visits to Central Virginia on the tax payers dime since he was elected in 2008.

Obama saw a big victory in the Commonwealth during the 2008 election grabbing the Virginia nomination the first time for a Democratic candidate in 44 years. Today he'll be visiting the Rolls-Royce plant in Prince George County. That's where high tech aircraft engine components are made.

Even though many Republican criticize the President for growing unemployment rates, he'll most likely use his visit to talk about how he's turning the economy around in Central Virginia. The Governor will also greet the President at the tarmac. He should be here around 11:30 and he's scheduled to give a speech at 12:30.

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