Police getting aggressive after crime spikes

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- Thieves are at it again! Car break-ins and stolen cars in part of Richmond is up a whopping 333% from one year to the next. Now, police are taking a close look at how to stop the violence.

The evidence of the crime — and the victim's anger — lingers for days. "It's crazy. I simply just don't understand it," says one victim.

It's not just the victims. It's also those who are worried they could be next. "It's bad for the neighborhood. People want to feel safe," said Chuck Spain.

Get this: in February of this year along parts of North Richmond — property crimes were up to 73 incidents. That compares to just 33 during the same time last year. That number includes a huge increase in car thefts and car break-ins.

The numbers are up in other parts of the city, too. Most of the crimes are happening because people left valuable stuff, right in plain sight!

Now police are taking some new, aggressive steps to warn you — and hopefully stop — the lurking danger.

Richmond Police provided NBC12 a copy of a video that just started airing several times a day on channel 17 — the city public access channel.

Police are also now putting more officers on the streets and adding bike patrols.

"We've made some arrests along the way that we can connect back to car break ins, but obviously we need to make a few more," said Lt. Edward Capriglione with the Richmond Police Department.

The people surrounded by the crime have a stern message of their own for the criminals:

"Tighten up. It's hard out here. But you can get a job! Leave people's property alone," said Spain.

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