Day care under investigation

Childcare Network Day Care
Childcare Network Day Care
1-year-old Rai'yanna
1-year-old Rai'yanna
5-year-old Key'asia
5-year-old Key'asia

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A mother of two young girls is outraged, claiming her children were mistreated and neglected at a Chesterfield County day care.

She claims one of her daughters was shamed for peeing in her pants and the other seriously injured from multiple bite marks on her face and body.

The bite marks on 1-year-old Rai'yanna's left cheek were enough to enrage the mother.

But when her 5-year-old daughter came home and said she accidentally pee' d in her pants and the teacher forced her to stand outside in the cold and "air dry", the mother immediately pulled her kids out of the day care for good.

"Rage, rage, I was so mad that was the last draw," said Rashanda Booker.

Booker said the day 5-year-old Key'asia was forced to stand outside was the day after a big snow fall a couple weeks ago. She said Childcare Network Day Care even admitted to making Key'asia stand outside in her wet clothes on a very cold day.

"She had to be outside for 30 minutes."

Booker claims her daughter came home shivering still in her wet clothes.

"Put my daughter in a corner with her face facing the brick wall, while all the other kids were playing, and she said she felt embarrassed because the kids were sitting there laughing at her, she said, 'mommy, I don't want to go back there.'"

Representatives at the day care claim the situation was handled internally — that they did what they promised Booker they'd do.

Booker said they promised the teacher would be suspended, but she doesn't believe that took place.

The Department of Social Services is now investigating — to see if the day care is adhering to state laws and policy.

"I want them to pay for what they did to my kids, they was wrong, and they know they was."

While the Department of Social Services hasn't charged Childcare Network on Elkhardt Road of anything at this time, they say the investigation is still ongoing.

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