Restaurant Repeat Offender

Hello, it's Sabrina,

We have breaking news tonight from Henrico.  Two teens reported missing this week have been found safe in a hotel in Kentucky.  We'll have the latest on efforts to reunite them with their families.

Before you make reservations, check out our Restaurant Report.  Tonight a local steakhouse gets critical violations during a state health inspection and on a follow up visit.  Heather Sullivan looks at the problems and finds out what managers are doing to correct them.

A mother's complaints about the well being of children at a Chesterfield daycare center have led to disciplinary action against a teacher  and a Department of Social Services  investigation.  Coming up, hear what happened when we paid a visit.

Plus Richmond police talk to us about their change in tactics after an alarming three hundred percent  spike in car thefts on the city's Northside.  Get details on new patrols when you join us tonight at 11.