Different papers, Different coupons

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The Sunday paper is where you'll find the largest number of coupons in one place. In our area, most stores sell the Richmond Times Dispatch and the Washington Post, but there is a distinct difference in the coupons you'll get.

The March 4th edition of the Washington Post carries three inserts-Proctor and Gamble, Redplum and SmartSource. The Times Dispatch has those three as well, but also came with bonus Target coupons that can be stacked with the manufacturers coupons for double savings.

Most of Richmond's Proctor and Gamble coupons are 25 or 50 cents off one product, which works well at stores that double like Kroger and Martin's. That same insert from the Washington Post, coupons are $1 off two, not nearly as good a deal.

The same trend held true for the Redplum insert, but Richmond got five high value vitamin and medicine coupons that D.C. didn't.

Richmond's SmartSource insert had higher-value coupons on Campbell Soups and Otria Yogurt Dip, but the Post's SmartSource contained 13 coupons we didn't get in Richmond.

Then, there's the cost. The Times Dispatch costs $2, the Washington Post is $2.95 - which can add up if you're buying multiple papers.

If you want to buy a bunch papers, traveling away from the city could be your best bet. Places like Hopewell, Dinwiddie and New Kent sell papers with the same coupons as the Times Dispatch at a fraction of the cost.

Papers like the Tidewater Review come out Wednesday, so some inserts come a few days early, others a few days late. If you're east of the city, look for the Virginia Gazette. It includes coupons similar to the Times Dispatch, but you get them one day earlier -- on Saturday --  and it only costs one dollar.

 If you're looking for that early Saturday release, get up early. The secret is out in that part of town and the papers sell fast. 

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