State Fair ruins future bride’s wedding dreams

DOSWELL, VA (WBBT) - Kathryn Ball's dream wedding was coming together.

"Looking pretty and wearing my fancy dress and marrying the man that I love," said Ball.

She moved forward with her plans even though she knew the State Fair was in serious money trouble. Organizers told her in December that they were just restructuring and everything was going to be okay, she said.

But everything went upside down for this bride to be when she got the email telling her she can no longer have her reception at the hall. The $4,000 she put down were now gone.

"I was very upset," Ball explained. "What do you do a month and 7 days before your wedding when everything at the church is planned but where do you go afterwards?"

Her mother said she stormed over to venue demanding answers, but didn't get the money back. In fact, the remaining staff at Meadow Event Park have locked up one last time and handed over the keys.

"We've been engaged by the secured parties to change the locks and secure the property and make sure we protect the assets," said a representative.

17 state fair workers are now laid off and will receive no pay, benefits and no severance. For Ball, it meant her dream wedding she so carefully planned...was unraveling.

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