Whooping cough at Chesterfield middle school

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) -- More than 100 Manchester Middle School students could be at risk to catch whooping cough. A letter was sent home to parents letting them know about one suspected case of the illness at the school.

Nikolas Moore was in Tech-Ed class when an announcement was made.

"Come to the office and get this note to give to your parents," Moore recalls. "And, I didn't know what it was until I got home."

A note dated March 1st let parents know that a student in Moore's class is suspected of having whooping cough.

"Shocked," says Moore. It was shocking to his mom Lisa Moore too, who is concerned her son could get sick.

"It's a constant thing," she says. "I have to keep watching coughing sneezing. It's just a mess."

The Chesterfield Health Department sent the letter home with more than 100 students, hoping parents like Lisa will keep a close eye on their kids.

"Usually other children can get it within a few days, up until 2 weeks," says Dr. Parham Jaberi with the Chesterfield Health Department. "We usually tell parents to monitor their children."

In the recent case, Dr. Jaberi asked parents to watch their children closely until March 10th.

The state requires that students going into sixth grade get a whooping cough booster shot, unless you are exempt, but even if you're up to date on the shots, there is still a chance you can catch whooping cough.

That is making it even more important to watch your kids everyday.

"It's being afraid, scared something is going to happen to you," adds Nikolas.

We're told that even if you an adult, you can call the Chesterfield Health Department to get a free booster shot for whooping cough. That number is 748-1691.

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