VCU Police warn students to secure valuables before spring break

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Spring fever is in the air at VCU. For many, this is the last week of classes before spring break

While many students are gone, some thieves may be on the prowl. That's why VCU Police are warning students them ahead of time.

Alison Thompson is a photography major. She locks up her gear either in a locker or a safe because it's expensive to replace.

"The things we have are pretty expensive," said Thompson. "My camera is my career right now and if it got stolen, I'd have to replace it which could cost hundreds of dollars which I don't have as a college student."

Thompson also registered her bike with the VCU Police Department. Officers say it's much easier to track down if it's stolen. The same goes for computers. John Waller will simply take his valuables with him when he goes on spring break.

"Lock up your stuff or take them with you when you go out of town," Waller said. "That's how you keep them safe."

Of course, he'll lock his doors too. VCU Police say a lot of thefts happen in dorm rooms or offices simply because they're left unlocked. Many students get around on bikes on campus. Police say the best way to keep thieves away is to lock bicycles with a U-lock - the toughest lock to break. It's one simple tip that could save students like Thompson a lot of hassle in the future.

"I don't know anyone who's had their bike registered who's had it stolen," Thompson added. "I'm assuming it would be easier for the police to find."

If you want to register your iPad, laptop or bike, bring it by, along with your I.D., to the VCU Police Department at 938 West Grace St.  The information they take when you register can help them match up your items if they're stolen and recovered.

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