Chesterfield mom warns of designer drug overdoses

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – After almost losing her daughter to a new designer drug, a Chesterfield mom is speaking out to educate other parents.  NBC12 first told you about the hallucinogenic called 25i last month; Tuesday Chesterfield Police said, they've seen seven possible overdoses.

Saturday night the woman, who asked us to hide her identity while her daughter recovers, came home to every parent's worst nightmare.

"There was ambulance and police there and my daughter was in a psychotic state strapped down in an ambulance and was making absolutely no sense," she recalled.

Her 14-year-old daughter was angry, violent and even hysterical.  She was rushed to the hospital and spent more than 48-hours in Pediatric Intensive Care, while her life hung in the balance.

"It took the staff about two hours to get her blood pressure stabilized because that's the real critical problem with this particular drug is where it spikes the blood pressure to the point where if you're not stabilized you'll start hemorrhaging on your brain, bursting the blood vessels and go into a stroke and die," she explained.

She learned later her daughter and two friends bought one 25i pill for $25. They split it among the three of them, crushed and snorted it.  Then, hallucinations took over their minds.

"It turned very, very dark, very evil meaning it was not fun," her daughter told her.  "It was overwhelming, just a situation where she couldn't get a grip on reality."

Police said the effects of the new synthetic drug vary from person to person.

"She indicated to me it was not at all what she sought or thought was going to end up happening to her," the mom told us of her daughter.

She explained she's not naïve; she knows kids will experiment, but thinks this was different.

"If she hadn't been taken to the emergency room she probably would have died," she feared.

While not a federally-controlled substance, police told NBC12 those caught making or selling the drug could be arrested.

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