Teen Overdoses

Hi there, it's Sabrina,

Join  us tonight when a Chesterfield mom talks about the drug episode that nearly killed her 14 year old daughter.  A new and extremely dangerous hallucinogen is sending young people in our area to the hospital.  Some have no idea who or where they are.  They're overdosing on a drug call 25-I.  There've already been reports of a dozen local cases .

Virginia Tech's response to the shooting rampage that killed 33 people is now on trial.  An update on problems with jury selection, plus an interview with the roommate of the first person shot dead by a deranged Tech student.

Tonight we  talked to Richmond City workers to get their reaction to the Mayor's budget plan that has no pay raises for employees.   You might be surprised at what they have to say.

Plus will there be a clear GOp choice after today's Super Tuesday primary?  Will anyone else drop out.   We'll examine the story behind the numbers tonight at 11.