Super Tuesday turnout tanks in Virginia

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - It's Super Tuesday in Virginia, but as expected...the turnout, has tanked. Most voters chose to stay home rather than cast ballots in today's presidential primary.

No lines, no least not in Bon Air. In a precinct of three thousand...only a few hundred showed up.

"Not the lines that we've had before," said voter Judy Dodson.

In 2008, Virginia saw record turnout. Democrats were energized. But today, republicans have only two choices. Mitt Romney and Ron Paul made the ballot after the courts upheld Virginia's rigid access rules.

Romney was endorsed was Gov. Bob McDonnell...who lamented the low turnout.

"It is disappointing, I wish democracy was fully alive and well," he said.

The governor drew attention for another reason. His scheduled vote was abruptly moved up by an hour...helping to avoid a crowd of protesters upset over women's rights.

"Yes, a little bit disappointed, but not surprised," said Frances Broaddus-Crutchfield from Powhatan.

Back in Bon Air...voters were aware of the diminished expectations. But several said it's a responsibility to come out.

"Voting is a privilege," Dodson said.

"Glad I did," added Robert Poole.

The polls remain open until seven. You may recall back in 2008, some Chesterfield precincts had so many people, they ran out of ballots. No chance of that here tonight.

Virginia is considered a crucial "swing state" for the general election which will generate a much larger turnout than today's primary. 

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