Not so "super" Tuesday in Virginia

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The reality is "Super Tuesday" won't be so super in Virginia. Only two names are on the ballot, and just one is getting the full support of Virginia's top political leaders. 

A state that's going to be so important in the general election will be nearly an afterthought on Tuesday. Virginians have just two choices: Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. How we got a story of signatures, and surrender. 

On the eve of Super has come down to this; one last effort to "get out the vote".

"It's the day that could really make the difference in deciding this nomination battle early," said Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Gov. McDonnell and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling reiterated their support for the frontrunner, Mitt Romney...acknowledging an issue that's left Virginia out of the national conversation for now.

How we got here dates back to December. Former and current candidates including Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich didn't get enough signatures to make the ballot....a fact that was mocked again at this Monday news conference.

"He and I did it twice, it can't be that hard," McDonnell said, gesturing toward Bolling.

The case went to federal court twice. And twice the judges rejected claims that Virginia's process was too tough. Eventually, Perry and the other candidates dropped the lawsuits. Some later dropped out of the race entirely.

That left only Romney and Paul on the ballot...and in Virginia, there can be no write-ins. Just Sunday, Romney picked up the endorsement of Congressman Eric Cantor, uniting three of Virginia's leading republicans.

"The journey to winning in November starts tomorrow here in Virginia," Bolling said.

A journey that our political analyst says will get off to a slow start. Speaking of the primary, University of Richmond professor Dan Palazzolo said, "In Virginia it's pretty much a non-event, but the general election is gonna be very important." 

To help illustrate how important Virginia will be in the general election, President Obama will visit Prince George County on Friday. It'll be the president's fourth visit to central Virginia since September of 2010. 

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