VA War Hero Laid to Rest

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A 92-year-old Virginia war hero from Henrico was laid to rest today. Colonel Van Barfoot made national headlines when he battled to keep his flag pole in his front yard.

He died Friday after suffering head injuries from a fall. Today, mourners said their goodbyes.

Outside Bliley's funeral home on Augusta Avenue in Richmond, Colonel Van Barfoot's son, Tom Barfoot took the time to remember his dad with us.

"He was a great father, a great patriot... he loved his country, his family, and he loved his God," said Barfoot.

Colonel Barfoot served his country for 34 years. He first made headlines when he was just 25 during WWII, when he set out alone to stop deadly attacks from Germans.

His bravery in battle earned him the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest recognition, and an honorable place in American history.

He made his country proud - his son, also proud to have him as a father.

"He was singularly driven to be the best he could be and driven to make sure we would be loved and take care of us," said Barfoot.

This highly decorated war hero made headlines most recently when he fought to fly an American flag in his front yard.

"He did that not just for himself, in reference to the flag, he did it for every American that wanted to fly the flag the way that they wanted to fly it, the way they thought the country should have been honored," said Barfoot.

Barfoot's family has planned a private funeral for the colonel in Matthews County.

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