Daytime breakins rattling Chesterfield neighborhood

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) -- A crime alert out of Chesterfield, where some bold daytime burglars are targeting home in one neighborhood.

The most recent crimes happened on Thursday, along Oldbury Road, Oldbury Court and Deerhurst Drive. These are all near Old Buckingham Road and very close to recent burglaries in the Salisbury neighborhood.

Danny Hines finds himself surrounded by violence. The home to his right -- broken into through this smashed out back window. The home to his left -- broken into the same way. Also, the home across the street a target, too.

"It's like being violated. They are not happy about it," said Hines.

He's keeping a close eye out now -- hoping he's not the next victim of these broad daylight burglaries.

"I think they are casing out the ones that are vacant or the ones that are not home. I think it's someone close by that's doing all of this," Hines said.

Behind the targeted homes, there's railroad tracks and very dense woods. It's easy for people to hit these homes and then get out of there with only few people, if any, seeing them.

"I think they are using the railroad tracks to break into these homes," he added. That's certainly something police are looking into.

In the meantime, there's something simple you can do to protect yourself when you're not home: blast the radio, or turn on some lights -- even use a timer.

"I think all of the neighbors are kind of watching each others homes here," said Hines. Those neighbors hoping the crooks violating their privacy are caught soon.

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