Thwarting unwanted calls to your cell phone

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Growing numbers of unscrupulous solicitors, and scam artists, are simply ignoring the government's do not call registry. Now, you can identify and expose them. is one of several sites aimed at exposing annoying telemarketers. Enter the number that's calling you and you can find out if others are complaining. If not, make a complaint yourself.

You might also try It's a database of suspected telefraud artists, unscrupulous solicitors and various scammers who call cell phones or leave text messages.

The current top scam being played out these days comes from an outfit offering to lower your credit card rate that's really trying to trick you into revealing your personal information.

And offers another reverse lookup of suspected phone scammers. A top scam being reported there has to do with a phony offer to install a free wireless security system that ends up costing big bucks.

How do they get your number? Well, most of them grab them from Facebook or websites where you've posted it... Or they just dial numbers at random. The best way to fight this is to hang up when you get a call and then report them.

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