VA Congressman heated over movie ad

ARLINGTON, VA (WWBT) - A controversial movie ad posted in a busy metro station has one Virginia congressman heated.

Just 4 miles from the nation's capitol, at the Clarendon metro station where thousands of people pass through daily - a movie poster for a small budget film called Sick & Sicker hit a major nerve with Congressman Jim Moran.

In it, in clear bold lettering, the poster reads, "Go to hell Barack".

"He is the president of the United States, and deserves some respect and it's highly disrespectful to be telling the president to go to hell, and to be saying obscene things, and when it's put on public property that is funded by its tax payers, it is wrong," said Moran.

In a written letter, the congressman reached out to the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority demanding they take it down.

The response wasn't favorable.

WMATA released a statement tonight saying: "WMATA advertising has been ruled by the courts as a public forum protected by the first amendment and we may not decline ads based on political contents."

The writer, producer, and director of the movie, said the ad cost him $800 - a modest attempt to promote his movie, a fictional story that criticizes the president's healthcare plan.

"I'm an independent, struggling filmmaker and that's all I could afford to purchase," said producer, Logan Clements.

Through Skype we talked with him in California.

"If you disagree with someone, you simply refuse to do business with them, or you protest. You don't initiate force and what he wants to do is force the DC metro to take down my ad, so again, I challenge him to a debate on socialized medicine," said Clements.

Congressman Moran said the film maker has every right to make a movie, but has no interest in seeing this one.

The poster went up last month and will stay up until March 11th.

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