Celebrating leap day

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Today is a special day on the calendar, it's February 29; a day that only shows up once every four years.

That means, for some people, their birthday only shows up every four years.

"I'll be 32, but I'm eight in leap year birthdays. I'm getting a little older, wiser," says Brandon Montijo.

Montijo was born on February 29, making him a leap year baby. He says it's been fun, but it caused problems when he was younger. When it came time for him to celebrate his 21 birthday, he couldn't have a drink to celebrate.

It's common knowledge that we rotate around the sun once every 365 days, but that's not exactly the case. It actually takes us 365.24 days to make the trip and that's why we have to play little tricks on the calendar.

The math doesn't work out for leap years to be only every fourth year. In fact, some years that should be leap years are not. The next one to be left out is 2100. For most people, that's 82 birthdays from now; but for people like Brandon and Kathleen Mackey, it's only 20 more.

"My 40 birthday they decorated for 10-year-olds. I got to wear a little crown. When people see my license they say, oh my God, you're a leap year baby," says Mackey.

Beating the odds, the New Community School Boast another leap year baby; Thomas Dendy. In a typical year, he'll celebrate on February 28, but today they'll have a big party at school.

To all you leap year babies, happy birthday! I hope you make it a good one! Your next one doesn't come around until 2016.

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