SportsQuest misses rent payments, get evicted

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) -- Members tell us they could be thousands of bucks thanks to another setback for SportsQuest. The embattled sports complex was evicted from its training facility because the building owner said SportsQuest owes months of rent.

Yellow caution tape surrounds all of the equipment letting the SportsQuest members know that this stuff is off limits. It comes as a surprise in the past few days to members just looking to work out.

Member Marcia Grubbs could be out $2,800 bucks. Money she says she invested to SportsQuest CEO Steve Burton for her family to use the training facility.

"Kind of seen the writing on the wall. He has not delivered to any promises that was made to us who invested in SportsQuest," says Grubbs.

Building owner Neil Carns says SportsQuest didn't lift its end of the bargain and still owes him tens of thousands of dollars in back rent. "You can only go so far and it comes to a day where you patience runs out and we reached that point."

So he cut ties with SportsQuest. But, for now, Carns is allowing some people to use the building -- if they had previous arrangements.

Burton told me on the phone he's "sorry for members to have their service interrupted." He plans to move this equipment to another facility in the coming weeks. But, he won't tell me where that's located.

This is just the latest setback for Burton. This month alone -- he lost ties with "RISE" -- an indoor sports training facility. He is facing legal action from the Attorney Generals office, which says SportsQuest sold memberships to a health club still not built.

Right now, Carns tells me he is looking at all options including legal action to get his rent money back.

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