Ultrasound Bill: Still no vote

Good Tuesday morning from Gray. A bit of a foggy start to the morning. Use caution when on the roads. Our traffic team is keeping an eye on the situation and will have any updates on accidents and problem to avoid.

Will they or wont they? Lawmakers could vote for the Ultrasound Bill today. It is getting national attention from supporters and opponents. The revised version would now only require women to have an external ultrasound before having an abortion. We are live and will update you on any decisions.

Protest in Petersburg! Demonstrators plan to hold a silent protest because they are upset by recent comments from the mayor about domestic violence. The comments surround the case against Petersburg's City Manager, who is accused of assaulting his wife.

Plus, terror on campus. We have new information on that school shooting in Ohio that left one student dead. Two of the victims remain in the hospital and we are learning more about the 17-year-old accused of going on a shooting spree.

G-O-P candidates are gearing up for another round of primaries. Voters in Michigan and Arizona head to the polls. We will have an update.

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