Vandals Strike West End Neighborhood

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Vandals left their mark in the West End. Spray paint covers a fence, signs, and pillars along Cherrywood Drive in the Tuckahoe area.

Neighbors say they noticed the graffiti when they woke up Saturday morning. Barbara Vazquez got hit the hardest, graffiti covers her wood fence.

"It's a very nice fence, and it's costly," said Vazquez. "So it's upsetting to me to think that somebody would do something just to destroy somebody's property."

Barbara Vazquez says she didn't see or hear anything, but she thinks someone spray painted her fence around 3 a.m. Saturday, when her dogs started barking.

Now, she says she'll probably have to pay thousands to get the fence fixed. She also noticed paint on several road signs, that she says got replaced.

"I don't understand anyone just coming out and destroying somebody's property," said Vazquez. "Just out of meanness you know. I'm a single mother and that's very upsetting to me and to my pocketbook. I have two kids in college."

Down the street, her neighbor Mark was scrubbing spray paint on a brick pillar.

"I'm not really sure who put it up or if this is a gang sign, but if it is, we do look out for each other," said Mark. "I'm not really sure what that insinuates, but hopefully it's just some kids out having fun and they're not trying to mark their territory because that wouldn't be something that I think anyone in the neighborhood would be willing to tolerate."

Police have not reported any suspects at this point.

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