NBC12 Investigates: Worst Intersections in the city of Richmond

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - NBC12 has uncovered some of the most dangerous intersections in Richmond and many are in areas you may drive through every single day.

We pulled crash numbers for all the intersections in Richmond and compiled of list of the highest accident areas.

The intersection of Belvidere and Broad streets starts off our countdown at number five with 13 crashes. Pedestrians and cyclists complicate the area, but this intersection is actually improving. It was number one on our list in 2010. There were 10 fewer crashes here last year.

9th and Byrd makes its first ever appearance on the list coming in at number four. There were 14 crashes here, including a powerful collision between a bus and a box truck that sent 13 people to the hospital.

Belvidere returns at number three -- this time at its intersection with Leigh Street. There were 15 crashes here last year.

And this year we have a tie at first place on our list of worst intersections: Laburnum and Hermitage had 20 car crashes in 2011. The final rest spot of A.P. Hill has been in the top five for two years now at comes as no surprise to motorists like Janet Schenelly. She drives through daily and say, "Oh no, I think this is the worst. My children used to go to that school and I refused to have them cross here." At one point the city considered putting in a roundabout here, but that plan was scrapped by City Council after neighbors complained.

Forest Hill Avenue and Chippenham Parkway also top the list with 20 crashes last year. That's one more than in 2010.

The city is hopeful recent improvements, like new lighting and crosswalk markings, will make a difference in 2012. Public Works will also change out the traffic signals and add pedestrian countdown signals here by the spring.

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