Police warn of daylight break-ins

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We have a crime alert coming out of Chesterfield where police are investigating bold, daylight home invasions. They're happening in the usually quiet Salisbury neighborhood. Two homes in the 1900 block of Castlebridge Road were hit this week.

Detectives are exploring the possibility that these break-ins are connected but said they're not ruling out anything.

On the quiet Chesterfield street, neighbors usually know what's going on. Whispers of two daylight break-ins in the same block of Castlebridge Road spread and shook the sense of security.

"That's disturbing," Alan McCrea told us.

He and his wife were home Wednesday morning when their neighbor across the street and one up the block experienced the ultimate violation. Suspects forced their way through windows and doors of the homes and took money, jewelry and electronics. Luckily, no one was there at the time.

McCrea said his neighbor was visibly shaken when she came over after returning to her broken-into home.

"It's disturbing because you know, you feel this shouldn't be going on around you," he explained. "You feel violated."

Neighbors found a note from Chesterfield Police on their mailboxes Wednesday alerting them of the incidents. But others farther down the street only found out after seeing our story Thursday night.

"I was stunned, stunned because I had not heard anything," Sarah Kmetz told us. "You know, I live in the block of where it happened and I didn't know anything about it."

Sarah Kmetz is now rethinking her own security. She wishes people followed the advice of being a "nosey neighbor."

"I would have liked that Salisbury emailed us like they do if there's a cat lost," she said.

Kmetz is usually home alone during the day when these bold thieves are targeting her neighborhood.

"My question is if you are home and they're breaking in will they hurt you to get those things that they're looking for," she wondered. "I mean, that's what my fear is."

Earlier in the month, police investigated another home invasion in the same neighborhood. We've learned, the suspect in that burglary has already been arrested.

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